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Montserrat. Retorn a l’essència offers an intimate insight into the monastic community just as it is reflecting deeply on the future in the wake of its upcoming Millennium celebration. In addition, covid has reduced visits by 74%. This great decline has affected the economy of the Monastery, but has somehow caused the monks to return to the roots of monastic life.


Porta Ferrada. Anatomia d’un festival follows the day-to-day edition of the 2019 Porta Ferrada Festival, one of the oldest summer festivals in southern Europe, and how, all of a sudden, this Festival has had to be reinvented due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The film seeks to recapture the sociological look of documentaries about music festivals in the late 1960s.


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Updated filmography of Carles Prats in Internet Movie Database

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La deuxième vie.

José Giovanni just after the Second World War was sentenced to the guillotine for his crimes. A few years later he escaped the death penalty and was released from prison. Leaving violence aside, he began a second life having a great career as a novelist, screenwriter and film director. In the mid-1960s, his friendship with Bertrand Tavernier began. This documentary offers a conversation through time between them in which they talk about cinema, actors, violence, politics or the possibility of redemption.


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The production company of the legendary film A Fistful of Dollars, Unidis Jolly Film, will distribute the documentary Sergio Leone. Cinema, cinema all over the world. The film was shot twenty years ago by Manel Mayol and Carles Prats and has the participation of Carla Leone, Tonino Delli Colli or Ennio Morricone among many others.

Ten years after its premiere, the master's degree in Quiero tener una ferretería en Andalucía has been restored. The presentation was made at the Porta Ferrada Festival with the performance of El Doghouse, the group led by Richard Dudanski, the great friend of Joe Strummer with whom he had created The 101’ers.

Wicked Vision, one of the most important distributors of fantasy and horror films, launches a limited edition for collectors on Blu-ray of the movie Dracula Barcelona together with the new edition of the classic El conde Dracula by Jess Franco.

Joan Fontcuberta. The Remains of Photography is part of the Filmin Great Photographers collection. Photography as an engine of life. And it has also been selected by the Andalusian Center of Photography and Cinematheque for the Primer Plano documentary cycle.

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